Davis, Giardino & Hrivnak, P.A.

A Firm Uncommon

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Davis, Giardino & Hrivnak, P.A., has done what few law firms are willing or capable of doing; delivering personalized service in an increasingly impersonal industry. The delivery of legal services in the age of technology has in many ways been reduced to e-mail correspondence and the occasional phone call from somebody you have probably never heard from before. Big box firms claim to provide outstanding service, but that is not possible when the personnel keep changing. One new associate after another, providing nothing more than canned legal advice with no continuity in strategy to achieve the client’s goals. At Davis, Giardino & Hrivnak, clients develop a close relationship with the lawyer handling their files, because the same lawyer will be there from beginning to end. Such continuity ensures more efficient and cost effective handling as well as strong communication between client and counsel. Meeting the needs of the individual client is what makes Davis, Giardino & Hrivnak unique in the industry.


South Florida Office
2161 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. Suite 317
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

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West / Central Florida Office
9040 Town Center Parkway,
Bradenton, FL 34202
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